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Frostheart App by Syra-Stark
Frostheart App

- I D E N T I F I C A T I O N -

Name : Frostheart
Name Meaning : Frost -- the resemblance her fur has to frost; heart- -- due to her willingness to help others within her clan despite little to no benefits to herself
Previous Names : Frostkit, Frostpaw
Informal: Frost
Gender : Female
Sexual Orientation : Straight
Age : 31 Moons
Season of Birth : Winter
Belief in StarClan :


- A P P E A R A N C E -

Brief Description : A silver she-cat with a snow-white underbelly, lined tail, pawtips, and ears. Four white dots curve around electric blue eyes.
Fur Length : Medium
Fur Texture : Soft
Body Type : Slender
Scars : N/A


- C L A N , I N F O R M A T I O N -

Clan : Streamclan
Rank : Warrior
Previous Mentors : Unknown
Apprentice : N/A 
Previous Apprentices : Unknown


- S T A T S I N F O R M A T I O N -

Strength : ●○○○

Speed : ●

Wisdom : ●

Scenting : ●○○○

Hunting : ●○○○

Endurance : ●○○

Tactics : ●○○

Herbal Knowledge : ●●○○○

Kittening Knowledge : ●○○

Prophecy Decoding : ●○○○○


- P E R S O N A L I T Y -

↓= Negative ↑= Positive


↑ || FRIENDLY || Frostheart is always willing to hear out others and make friends within the clan. Never would she push away another for a ridiculous reason. Besides, it's always nice to know who you're fighting with and for.

↓ || EASILY ANGERED || If tempted and taunted, Frostheart's patience wears thin. If around other cats from her clan, she won't strike despite all temptations to.

↓ || PROTECTIVE || As any warrior, she would die for her clan. Yet, if she ever managed to befriend a cat she was forbidden to or if she catches a cat doing something they shouldn't be, she'll take the blows for them, whether it be physical, verbal, or other.

↓ || RASH || If under pressure and little time during an attack, Frostheart won't waste any time and attack. As much as she'd like to wait and plan a tactic, she knows she has no time to waste and will fight in an attempt to stall.

↑ || PATIENT || Within her clan, she has more patience than she does with other clans. Although sometimes she does get agitated, she'll mask it. The cats in her clans are her friends, not her foes. What use would it do to lash out?

↑ || LOYAL || 


- S E X U A L I T Y -

Looking for : A cat who enjoys kits and who's laid back and would be able to tolerate her anger
Orientation : Straight
Likes : A cat who remains faithful and can be solemn and gentle when needed.
Dislikes : A cat who would lie or use her to try and get another she-cat
Attracted to Currently : N/A


- H I S T O R Y -

( I have very little time to do this but I promise I'll get back to this ! )


- C O N N E C T I O N S -

Mate : N/A
Previous Mates : N/A
Offspring : N/A
Parents : Unknown
Siblings : N/A
Interested in : N/A

Relationship Chart : N/A at the moment


- O T H E R -

Likes : Snow, Winter's chill, playing with kits and apprentices
Dislikes : Summer, strong heat, being underestimated
Fears : Not being able to protect the kits of Streamclan, drowning, losing sight
Goals : To keep Streamclan as safe as possible


- R O L E P L A Y S A M P L E -

Snow white paws speckled with sand padded alongside the bank. Icey blue eyes were focused on the ground below as Frostheart's tail swayed behind her with each step. It was calming to be able to just talk walks through the territory, to hear the rushing water beside her. Although she was born when it was frozen, it helped ease any nerves she had. Her silver head dipped to shoulder level, ears pinning back while she inhaled a deep breath, coming to a halt. After a beat, she shifted her body to lie beside the water, a paw dipping into the water and disrupting the current in the small area. It was strange. Even the smallest disturbance in a large factor could easily cause everything else to ripple. As her head rested over her foreleg, here eyes were hidden by her lids. Oh, how she prayed to Starclan that such a thing would never befall upon Streamclan...


- C O N T A C T -

Time Zone : PST -8:00 ; Pacific Standard Time
Notes : Yes
Skype : Yes


Silhouette © KellzFire
Linearts © BoogaMouse  
App Idea © Others

(( I'll be drawing my own cats soon; still practicing uwu ))
Doctor Luna And Miss Moon by Syra-Stark
Doctor Luna And Miss Moon
"All that you are is a face in the mirror! I close my eyes and you'll disappear!"
"I'm what you face when you face in the mirror! Long as you live, I will still be here!"


If you couldn't tell, the inspiration came from both the musical Jekyll & Hyde and Doctor Pinkie and Miss Pie. Only, I'm using it with Luna and Nightmare Moon considering there exact opposites and NM is a manifestation, similar to Miss Pie. I imagine when Moon is using Luna's body, the only change is the eyes, depending on the scene. For the Confrontation, it'd be two "separate" mares talking to one another.

i don't know i liked this idea.
Reaper 2.0 by Syra-Stark
Reaper 2.0

i'll add more here tomorrow/later bc i am brain-dead right now. but, i was in the mood to revamp Reaper since there's so many black and red OCs out there and i wanted to change her. I kept her mane dyed at the tips and her race but other than that, i think i changed everything. excluding the name and cutie mark. but i like her. when she goes out to collect the dead, she'd be wearing a black robe and have her scythe under her wing. i'll draw that eventually maybe. i dunno just i dunno.

and just like me, she's genderfluid. again, more tomorrow/later


I love you all~
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Guten tag. Ciao. Hello. However you wanna say it.~ The name's Breann, a resident of the state of WA. I'm the type of girl that prefers older cartoons and movies to newer ones. I just don't see the newer films or shows very good and educating. Anyways, anime tends to be a different story. You can suggest an anime to me and I'll watch the first episode to see if I'll like it. I've done that with Durarara!! and Hetalia, along with Spice and Wolf. I get hooked easily if I like the humor or random plot line. -I don't even know- . Feel free to chat with me, I don't bite and the link below is to my Lovino roleplaying account.

:iconmoirailplz:~*Bitch! Jerk!*~ by CrimsonVanna:iconmoirailplz:


Secret. 12750 by DeviantArtSecret<== Click this


...So many friends. xD :heart:


ohey. This bitch again?
lolnu. c:
But Syra. You're my best friend ever. Like.
We've never had one fight in the 4 years we've known each other and you know everything about me.
Bro. You're my moirail. <>
I don't like seeing you sad because it makes me sad.~ And I love how you know how to cheer me up when I'm feeling sad.~ Thanks, bro. Really.
~Teufel/Vanna/Andrea :iconcrimsonvanna:
Here's to many years of friendship and more to come.~

Doin' an age meme thing of my dragon character
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